• Mr Muhd Hanif Bin Dahari Kamil, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Mr Hasanudin Hafis Mohd Ali, Chief Operation Officer (COO)
  • Mr Mohd Amirul Mat Adam, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Mr Raden Rahmatinor Raden Munawir, Chief Markting Officer (CMO)


Chief Executive Officer
  • Planning, leading, organizing, and controlling the company.
  • Involvement in planning, salary discussions, access to CEO and management.
  • To give direction and leadership toward the achievement of the organization's philosophy, mission, strategy, and its annual goals and objectives.

Chief Operation Officer
  • Direct and manage project development from beginning to end.
  • Delegate tasks and responsibilities to appropriate personnel.
  • Make recommendations on important business decisions.

Chief Technology Officer
  • Responsible for budgetary control in a specific firm.
  • Playing an integral role in the company’s strategic direction, development, and future growth.
  • Responsible for establishing the company’s technical vision and leading all aspects of the company’s technology development.

Chief Marketing Officer
  • Responsibility for setting the global strategic marketing agenda and building a world-class shared services marketing capability for the company.
  • Deliver world-class, best-of-breed marketing discipline and growth results to the company.
  • Develop a firm-wide integrated marketing and growth strategy that includes an assessment of the industry landscape.


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